Sydney Leroux for Nike.
I moved away when I was younger and I had this dream to play for the best team in the world. I got a chance to do that in London two summers ago, and prove to myself that everything I’d given up for this specific moment was worth it. And it was.
This is obviously not an ideal situation. I can’t nutmeg anyone for at least 8 months. But I’ll get through it and come back stronger and better,” said Weimer. “I’ve had an incredible support group so far with the Spirit organization and especially my teammates and Mark. I’m looking forward to being the Spirit’s biggest fan in 2014 and joining them in 2015.
- Tiffany Weimer on her injury (X)

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So she plays soccer, golf, skate boards and plays basketball? Absolutely amazing in every way

You say this like she’s good at golf.
But you forgot baseball. Girl can hit!

I’ve seen this before. Reblogged it before. I give no fucks at all. UNFFFFFF.


Just golfing lol

She’s not wearing her golfing attire though. But I’ll take it.


things that are not okay




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here’s the thing i love the most about ashlyn probably

last game she admitted her mistakes- she played too high and they caught her on her six, etc- and then she went back to work and turned that mistake into a humbling learning experience

she OWNED her mistakes and came back stronger and you know she’ll be humble about it too

what a goddamn player.

In Washington Spirit We Trust #FEARit